Saturday, May 4, 2013

Message to Mars

NASA is running a haiku contest! They say:

"Craft your own original message to Mars! Messages, which must be in the form of a haiku poem, will be voted on by the public; the top three most popular entries will be sent to Mars onboard the MAVEN spacecraft and will be prominently displayed on the MAVEN website."

I'd love to hear yours if you give it a try!


Linda B said...

Hi Tabatha. I saw this another place, but forgot about it. I'll try to work on one today. Hope you will enter too!

Linda B said...

Okay, Tabatha, I did send one. Here it is:

We read and write words,
communicating with books,
treasures held like gold.

Tabatha said...

Yay, Linda!

I'll make one, too.