Thursday, May 30, 2013


Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.
~John Dewey

Educators in art today -- everything from the sweet to the strange to the surly.

The Geography Lesson (Portrait of Monsieur Gaudry and His Daughter)
by Louis-Léopold Boilly

The Dancing Lesson
by Thomas Eakins

The Anatomical Lecture
by Jacob de Gheyn II

Cats being instructed In the art of mouse-catching by an owl
Author: Lombard School

In the Village School, a "repentant sinner" and his mother try to win forgiveness from his teacher with food and wine

The Schoolmaster
by Jan Steen

A Young Scholar and his Tutor
by Rembrandt(1606–1669)

Die Kunststudentin
by Anton Müller

Bucharest Primary School in "Open Air", around 1842
by Charles Doussault (1814–1880)

Art Lesson, a 1901 print
by Charles Dana Gibson


Linda at teacherdance said...

Love the cats, but most especially The Village School. Things like that must have occurred, but certainly not today (ha!). Thanks Tabatha.

HWY said...

Lovely pieces (Die Kunststudentin, a Young Scholar and His Tutor, and The Dancing Lesson in particular), but I'm drawn to the Cat and the Village School for their strangeness.

And I believe there's a story behind The Schoolmaster, too.