Sunday, March 24, 2013

ATCs, again

I've shared Artist Trading Cards before. This time I was inspired by Robyn Hood Black and Joy Acey (and my mom) to make some of my own. The last one is watercolor; the rest are collage. If teachers are interested in student ATC exchanges, they can check out

Fancy Owl

Musical Butterfly

Owl in a Teacup

Singing in the Rain

Green Watercolor


Linda at teacherdance said...

Tabatha, these are beautiful. I love that 'singing in the rain' & the 'owl in a teacup'-such whimsy! So, I know that Susan is going to send me one, but do you just make them & trade them sometimes, or do you ever write a poem that pairs with each? (Someday, I hope I can have time to play a little bit!)

Robyn Hood Black said...

LOVE these, Tabatha! Thanks so much for sharing. My fingers are drumming to whip up some more, too... :0)

Pop said...

Wonderful works of art, Tab.

Fancy Owl is beautiful and the Owl in the Teacup and Singing in the Rain are very, very cool.

Thoroughly enjoyed them.