Saturday, June 2, 2012

Person as Mystery/Words as Maps

Poets & Writers Magazine has an interesting tumblr called Lines We Live By, which features lines from books, poems, and articles. For instance, this segment is from “Generation Why?”, an article by Zadie Smith in The New York Review of Books:

One more:

from “Diving Into the Wreck” by Adrienne Rich


Linda B said...

Tabatha, I didn't go to read the entire article, so with your lines shared, I wonder if people are still not sharing, on Facebook or otherwise, their private selves anyway. Yet, are they taking so much time doing that kind of sharing that they are not thinking more deeply, with the exception of writers who are using the 'words'? I still miss my mother, with whom I spoke so many hours about things, in the past, current news, family member motivations, and so on. I miss that sharing. Just my thoughts. Thank you.

Tabatha said...

I think people are often missing out on quiet reflection, which is a deeply personal and private thing, although you can reflect with a community. I don't know how much of that is due to online stuff or our culture or being overly busy.

Your mother sounds like a dear woman. I'm sorry for your loss, no matter when it happened.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the words and the reference, Tabatha. I've saved the bottom quote as a reminder of how I came to enjoy writing and reflection. Cheers, Jules