Monday, June 11, 2012

More Music Monday Miscellany

by Sarah Nestheide

Some musical miscellany today:

* You can hear the winners of the International Songwriting Competition 2011 (Interested in entering? The competition for 2012 is open).

* Adele Kenny discusses using music as a poetry prompt.

* From the Christian Science Monitor: Álvaro Cogollo uses popular music to entice Colombians to love nature

* Zentangle is a method of meditative abstract doodling. Its connections to music are varied. Most obviously, a lot of people like to listen to music while they zentangle. But also, some people like to put zentangles on musical instruments, musical instrument cases, on walls in music rooms, or make zentangles of music-related stuff.


Tara said...

That video was mesmerizing, Tabatha...the intricacies just kept developing, in the least expected places. I suppose, in a way, that's what poetry is, too. And I loved the post you shared about music...we did the Langston Hughes poem to jazz music once in my poetry class, and now I am sad that I have run out of time to do this with this years batch of sixth graders...always next year, though!

Linda B said...

Hi Tabatha! Thank you for these gorgeous paintings. I visited my son & family in the fall; they are now in Lubbock, TX & there is a windmill museum there. The collection they displayed was amazing. In addition to fighting windmills, people on the plains developed ways to use the wind for their own work.