Tuesday, May 1, 2012


OK, this is just for my own amusement. Meet Shakespirate:

Avast, thou saucy unchin-snouted baggage! Would thou landlubbers were clean enough to spit upon! Arr.


* There's a secret society called the Shakespiracy.
* Need a Shakespeare insult?
* Want to talk like a pirate?

Next up: Frankenshakespeare?


Linda B said...

This is funny, Tabatha. I have a friend who is all things Shakespeare & will love it. Thanks for the links, too.

jama said...

Love it! Hope this is the start of a new series? :D

Pop said...

I agree...let's have more!

Katya said...

That's so funny. And I agree with the other commentors -- this needs to be a series! Marrgh Twain?