Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sara G. Umemoto

Surrealism was a perception of reality over which reason was denied the opportunity to exercise confining restrictions.
~ John Herbert Matthews

Thank you to Ms. Umemoto for allowing me to share her art today! There are surrealism/conceptual art lesson plan links at the bottom.

Passing Through
by Sara G. Umemoto

by Sara G. Umemoto

by Sara G. Umemoto

by Sara G. Umemoto

Last Dance
by Sara G. Umemoto

by Sara G. Umemoto


* Dali-centered plans from the Dali Museum
* Surrealistic Pen and Ink Montage (grades 6 and up- I would like to try this myself)
* Alice in Wonderland-centered plans (grades 9 and up)
* Create a surreal postcard (grades 5-7)
* Doodles and Form (grades 6 and up)
* Surreal clay animals (grades 3 and up)
* Introduction to conceptual art (all grades)

1 comment:

HWY said...

Lovely and intriguing pieces by Umemoto.

Being a science-fiction/fantasy fan, these fit nicely into my realm of possibilities. :-)