Thursday, September 2, 2010

Anna Chromy

European artist/sculptor Anna Chromy does fantastic work. These are from her Mythos Revisited exhibition:


by Anna Chromy

Olympic Spirit
by Anna Chromy

From “Il Canto di Orpheo” (Orpheus's Song), Pietrasanta 2004
by Anna Chromy

by Anna Chromy

Cloak of Conscience (also known as the Coat of Peace)
by Anna Chromy


Here's another video that is kind of over the top, but I do dearly love the Coat of Peace!

You can see more of her sculptures (for sale) at Maxfin Galleries


M Pax said...

Oh, those are fantastic. Thank you for sharing your wonderful finds. Going to snag them to my pics for later reference. Art often inspires stories. :D

Harry said...

Such fluidity and motion! Especially enjoyed Sisyphus and Violinista.

And the video gave some very nice closeups.