Friday, August 20, 2010

Trespassers Welcome

Today we've got street, slam, and protest poetry. A little bit of everything-- some of it old, but maybe new to you.

Poet Christopher Fox Graham explains here how a Haiku Death Match works. It's a poetry duel, like a slam. Only with haiku.

I liked his Chuck Norris haiku:

Chuck Norris' Bathroom Haiku
For toilet paper
Chuck Norris uses stacks
of rusty cheese graters

Chuck Norris Mathematics Haiku
irrational numbers
become rational
when they see Chuck Norris

I also got a kick out of his Loch Ness monster vs. Trolls haiku match.


I don't know where he is living now, but street poet Allan Andre sounds like an entertaining guy. My hat is off to anyone who can write poems off the top of their head on any topic! Zach Houston also does that.


The movie Committing Poetry in Times of War:
"The central story follows Youth Poetry Slam Team Coach, Bill Nevins' firing as a teacher, and the silencing of his outspoken High School Poetry Team. The film depicts in vivid footage how days later, hundreds of peaceful protestors demonstrating nearby were brutally assaulted by police... Yet out of this fire, across the country, arose a courageous community of creative musicians and poets. Dubbed Poetic Justice, it modeled free speech and proved to be a testament to our creative spirit, representing a path toward transformation and hope."


"I will commit poetry by staying informed, supporting our freedom of speech, speaking my mind, & creatively living my life."


The Poetry Friday round-up is being hosted by Teach Poetry K-12 today.


all things poetry said...

Hi Tabatha,

You have lots going on at your site. Loved the Norris haiku. What a kick!

Laura Evans

Toby Speed said...

Poetry while you wait! How cool is that. I'd like to come across him in my travels.

B.C. said...

Cannot wait to hold my first ever Haiku Death Match this school year. I teach fourth grade, though, so I may have to change the name to something a bit less violent!

All of this was new to me. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Lee said...

Those Chuck Norris haikus...PERFECT!