Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everybody Be Yo'Self

This week for Art Thursday, we're checking out art and quotes from Embracing Our Differences, an annual outdoor exhibit in Sarasota, Florida. You can find a variety of resources for teachers about the exhibit and about valuing diversity here.

All are Beautiful
by Lindsey Butler
Vancouver, Washington

Why do people stop and
a blooming and colorful garden
when they don’t stop
to admire the differences in a person
standing next to them?
Elizabeth M.
North Port, Florida
Age 11

Embrace Peace
by Mrs. Gross’ Pre-K–6th Grade Art Students
Bradenton, Florida
Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School
Teacher: Ruth Gross

If you approach
each new person you meet
in a spirit of
you will find yourself
endlessly fascinated by the new channels of
thought and experience and personality
that you encounter.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Pick Your Price
by Korri Lacalamita
North Port, Florida
10th Grade
North Port High School
Teacher: Marilyn Caruso

Never look down on anybody
unless you’re
him up.
Jesse Jackson

Be You
by Lauren Valentine
Sarasota, Florida
12th Grade
Pine View School
Teacher: Retsy Lauer

Think for yourselves
and let others
the privilege
to do so too.

Black and White Tourists Visit Egypt
by Margot Cormier Splane
Ontario, Canada
The artist says: "One of the magical things I find when visiting a well-known historical destination is that occasionally you run into complete strangers, from all over the world, and strike up a conversation as if you have known them forever."

To broaden our horizons,
we must narrow our prejudices.
Randy Thurman
Spring City , TN

by Marcia Ente
Sarasota, Florida

I'll end this post with a song:


Harry said...

Lovely art (especially loved the zipper piece) and I always enjoy what the Sesame Street gang has to say about things(the Keb' Mo' song was a perfect example of this).

Tabatha said...

The original Everybody Be Yo'Self is on Keb Mo's Big Wide Grin album (and he DOES have just about the biggest, widest grin around).