Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Most Reproduced Artist Ever

In 1925 it was estimated that one out of every five American homes had a Parrish print on its wall. He was, and still remains the most reproduced artist in the history of art.
~Alma Gilbert in Maxfield Parrish, 1870-1966

Maybe you've seen Daybreak and Mountain Ecstasy a lot, but what about these? (And don't forget to check out the links at the bottom!)

The Lantern Bearers
by Maxfield Parrish

The History of Codadad and His Brothers
by Maxfield Parrish

Sinbad Plots Against The Giant
by Maxfield Parrish

The End
by Maxfield Parrish

Cobble Hill
by Maxfield Parrish

by Maxfield Parrish

by Maxfield Parrish

~The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Arabian Nights,by Unknown, illustrated by Maxfield Parrish
~A biography of Maxfield Parrish
~Dream Garden, a Parrish/Tiffany collaborative mosaic
~The Parrish House
~Maxfield Parrish font
~Did you know that cobalt blue is often called Parrish Blue is his honor?
~American Art Archives has some Parrish pictures you might not have seen before.


M Pax said...

I love art. Thanks for sharing. The one thing I miss about not living in a larger city - access to an art gallery. When I lived in NYC, I frequented the MOMA & the Met frequently. I do miss them.

A painting inspired by first novel. :)

Harry said...

Parrish was a fantastic artist ... literally and figuratively. Still enjoy seeing his work.

And the piece about the collaboration between him and Louis Comfort Tiffany on The Dream Garden is definitely worth the read.