Thursday, February 26, 2009

Leatherwork by Tom Banwell

Filigree Flame leather mask in shades of orange
By Tom Banwell

Sigurd Viking Helmet
By Tom Banwell
This ceremonial viking helmet is named after an epic Norse hero Sigurd. As told in the Volsung Saga, Sigurd battles and kills the dragon Fafnir and bathes in his blood, gaining invulnerability. Sigurd roasts Fafnir's heart so that his master Regin may eat it, but in doing so he burns his finger. He sticks his finger in his mouth, tasting the dragon's blood thus gaining the power to speak to birds.

Black bird leather cut out mask
By Tom Banwell

Leather Steampunk Helmet
By Tom Banwell

How to make this American Dragoon Helmet

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