Friday, February 20, 2009

Joan of Arc

Tabatha wrote a biography of history's most famous teenager: Joan of Arc: Heavenly Warrior (Sterling Publishing).

Who was Joan of Arc? Why are people still so inspired by her, nearly six hundred years after she was born?

Learn all about Joan of Arc's childhood in war-torn France; ride with the young warrior into battle after battle and see how she helped a king win his rightful crown; and find out about her terror-filled final days and how, finally, her reputation was gloriously, posthumously restored.

In Joan of Arc: Heavenly Warrior, Tabatha tells the story of Joan of Arc as the people of her day viewed her: warrior, leader, holy figure, witch.

"Appealing...this book is recommended for both younger and older readers."
~ Booklist

Visit Tabatha's "Inspired by Joan of Arc" art page.

Updated to add: There's also this October 2011 post about a Joan of Arc opera.

You can order Tabatha's biography of Joan of Arc from Books a Million, Powell's, and Amazon, among others.

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