Thursday, March 16, 2023

Tuar ceatha

Leprechauns are not twee beings dreamed up by the tourist board, but warriors of legend...Their mission, their life’s work, is to protect the gold. What better way to hide it than to become a joke, a story nobody takes seriously?
~Kathy Bryson

Hi folks! Happy Poetry Friday! How did this week get away from me? I have been working on a printable pdf "Poetry in the Halls" packet for high schools (like the one I made for younger grades in 2019). I'm just not done, though! I don't want to rush.

If you have a poem you think might be great for reading on the way to class, email me at tabatha(at)tabathayeatts(dot)com. I could use something funny.

I did finish this National Poetry Month logo:


In honor of St Patrick's Day, a poem (from 2019) about a rainbow.

Five things about the rainbow:
by Tabatha Yeatts

1. The rainbow is unconcerned about being person-seen. She will dart out when everyone is still inside, wondering where they left their umbrellas.
2. She hopes that the hill doesn't notice how often she alights near him. Or if he does, that he starts wishing for rain.
3. Though the rainbow's trying not to be obvious with her attentions, she can't help but appreciate how very soft his mossy sections are. The grass IS actually greener on his side.
4. She accidentally blushes a double rainbow when his flowers brush up against her. The people who spot her capture photo evidence of her embarrassment.
5. Maybe other locations would like a warm and dazzling rainbow now and then, but she moves around less and less. She feels lit up here, even when it doesn't rain.


Laura Purdie Salas has the Poetry Friday round-up at her blog Small Reads for Brighter Days. Thanks, Laura!


Linda Mitchell said...

Awwwwwww. I love that blushing rainbow.Sweet, sweet, sweet. I think this is a perfect poem for the halls!

Bridget Magee said...

I pay attention to a certain someone's 'soft mossy sections', too! Rainbow has it going on. Well done Tabatha. :)

Linda B said...

Love "She will dart out when everyone is still inside," & all the poem about rainbow's, makes me wonder what else other things are thinking as we humans live our lives! Fun to do your project for the older ones. I sent you one poem! Thanks for the logo, too, Tabatha!

Denise Krebs said...

Tabatha, it was fun looking at all the Poetry in the Halls poems for elementary students. All the best for getting the high school packet ready. Good idea.

Your sweet rainbow has bags of personality!

jama said...

Wonderful!!! I now have new appreciation for rainbows and what they might be thinking and feeling. Love the leprechaun quote too. :)

Patricia Franz said...

Love a rainbow that appreciates the hill's soft, mossy middle!

Sarah Grace Tuttle said...

Tabatha, I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. Blushing a double rainbow... what a fabulously evocative image!

mbhmaine said...

Here's to rainbows and to soft mossy hillsides and to poets who celebrate them!

laurasalas said...

What a sensual rainbow poem--and the pedestrian chore of looking for umbrellas feels just right :>)

Mary Lee said...

#5 speaks directly to my introvert heart!

Susan T. said...

This rainbow is lovely! And so is your prose poem about her, Tabatha.

Karen Eastlund said...

Love the rainbow blush, the embarrassment. High school all over again.
Here is a poem you can use if you deem it appropriate, which it may not be:
Grandpa's face hair was unruly
Bristly, scraggly, scary... truly!
Grandma noticed Grandpa snoring
Shaved him 'til his hair was boring.

Michelle Kogan said...

Oh Tabatha there's so much to love about your rainbow poem, like rainbow's sensitivity, individualism, and when SHE "blushes a double rainbow when his flowers brush up against her." Your rainbow sure lit me up inside!!! And your graphic for the Poetry on the Walls is lovely, thanks! I'm sending you a few poems.