Thursday, March 16, 2023

Toy theaters

Long before Netflix or video games, these tiny paper theaters served as home entertainment, outlets for imagination crafted for young people but popular with adults, too.
~Wendi Maloney for the Library of Congress, who has dozens

Theaters made of paper for Art Thursday. I love these so much I could go on and on. I saw one with a paper pit orchestra in great is that??

Mon Theatre, a short-lived but prolific twice-monthly magazine, was published in Paris by Albert Mericand. It provided characters and scenes for this large Art Nouveau style theater.

Toy theatre with Little Red Riding Hood

Schreibers Papiertheater, B├╝hnenhintergrund
Unknown author

John Wolff, publisher

Tafel aus "Puppen- und Kasperlspiele", 1925
Franz Wacik - Dorotheum

Der Freisch├╝tz
Benno Mitschka

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HWY said...

These are wonderful. Glad you included the Little Red Riding Hood one because it shows the rods used to move the characters.

And definitely look at them's worth it!