Thursday, March 30, 2023

Making art a priority

Five years ago, the Arts Council set out to produce a threefold definition of art's purpose: to increase people's capacity for life (helping them to "understand, interpret and adapt to the world around them"), to enrich their experience (bringing "colour, beauty, passion and intensity to lives") and to provide a safe site in which they could build their skills, confidence and self-esteem. Other forms of endeavour do some of these things. Only art does all three.
~David Edgar

Hi y'all! Time for Art Thursday. First up, Sarah Green/The Art Assignment with "Should Art Be Publicly Funded?"

Next, Rajiv Surendra Visits the Metropolitan Museum of Art - John Singer Sargent Painting:

The screenshot at the top is from Why Does the Government Pay for Art?

Germans turning 18 to be offered €200 culture pass ‘birthday present’ (joining France, Italy, and Spain)

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HWY said...

Both of these videos were very different ways.

The arts funding video by Sarah Green had tons of information about the value of funding the arts for all the citizens of the U.S. (and other countries). And she presented it beautifully.

Thoroughly enjoyed the "visit" with John Singer Sargent at the Met. The enthusiasm of Surendra was contagious. :-)