Monday, January 16, 2023

gonna write words, oh, so sweet

I sing to the god with the three pronged rod
And the whiskers wild and free
That I've got a man with a beard and tan
And a passion for the sea
~Connie Converse, Father Neptune

Kind of a rabbit hole for Music Monday. First I looked up Connie Converse, a singer/songwriter whose music Ariana introduced me to:

She has a mysterious story, and you can find multiple documentaries about her.

Then I found a video of The Ladles singing one of Connie Converse's songs, Father Neptune:

I found another Ladles song:

That led me to hearing the original by Fats Waller, which felt a bit slow at this point (lo siento, Mr. Waller), so I found this fun one by Martha Davis & Spouse with Perry Como:

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Pop said...

Interesting story about Connie Converse. Her songs were "real"...that's plain to see. The Ladles did a fine job with Father Neptune.

Also, thoroughly enjoyed the Perry Como/Martha Davis rendition of "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter." I remember watching Como's television show when I was a kid and enjoying his voice. Interesting note: He started out as a barber. He was very successful as a barber and would sing while cutting hair. His customers liked his voice and began requesting he sing at weddings. And that was the start of his singing career.