Monday, May 16, 2022

Wild as a mink

Music works in both magical and clinically substantiated ways in communities with rich musical traditions
~Taylor Sisk

Today's Music Monday songs were kicked off by National Geographic's article How music is used to heal the sick in Appalachia.

Some of the songs they mention in the article are favorites of mine (e.g. "I'll Fly Away" and "Will the Circle Be Unbroken") but I decided to follow some rabbit trails from the piece. For instance, they discuss The Floyd Country Store, a hotspot for authentic Appalachian music. (I grew up less than an hour from The Floyd Country Store, but haven't been! Man, I'm missing out.)

Here's Keith Alessi, one of the musicians who jams there:

One of the bands Keith Alessi likes: Henhouse Prowlers

Last one! The article mentions "Rodney Harmon of Floyd County, Virginia, has been flatfooting for 60 years, but never had he danced in a health clinic." He did on this day, though: "Harmon dances to “Rocky Top,” giving it his all. Winded, and much obliged for the music and care, he heads home." Here's Rocky Top (instrumental):

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Pop said...

I love banjo music...and Dave Hum did a fine job with Rocky Top. The Henhouse Prowlers' song was quite catchy...interesting theme, too.

I never made it to the Floyd Country Store either. :-(