Wednesday, November 10, 2021


...With watercolor you are in a dialogue with the paint, it responds to you and you respond to it in turn.
~Alan Lee
For Wellness Wednesday, a melange of contemplation and laughter.

* A useful metaphor from Molly Hogan in her post What do you remember about watercolor water? :
I still remember swishing my brush in the water, and watching the swirls of color leave the bristles in curling ribbons and gradually infuse the water. How the water turned a beautiful shade of blue or purple or maybe red. Sometimes instead of focusing on the paper and my watercolor creation, I’d turn my attention fully to the water. I’d dip my brush into those dented colored ovals and add a bit more of this hue or that, then watch the change. Inevitably, I’d end up with a murky glass of water and no matter what bright color I added next, the end result was…murky water.

I’ve been feeling like my life is a bit that way lately. No matter how much I try to focus on the joyful moments, of which there are many, I can’t change the overall tone.

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* Relax with Rocks: a rock-stacking simulator by Neal Agarwal (my rock stacking abilities are subpar)

* I use a different password for every account so I really never know what my password is. I loved the "five asterisk" idea, haha. Stevie Martin:


mbhmaine said...

Tabatha, I think that rock stacking activity stressed me out! lol Thanks for linking to my post. Here's to fresh, clear water in those watercolor jars :)

Tabatha said...

Haha, it stressed me, too, but I figured it was just me! The wave sounds are nice. Maybe it helps us let go of perfection.

HWY said...

Well, the rock stacking definitely was humbling for me...and certainly not relaxing!

But the password thing was very amusing...once you got past how close to reality it was. :-)