Thursday, April 22, 2021


Boy, those French! They have a different word for everything.
~Steve Martin

More dual language poems for International Poetry Month :-) I wrote two haiku in English and French and one in English and Scottish Gaelic. Did you know "yellow" in Gaelic sounds like "boo-yah"? (Makes it easier for me to remember, haha)


salutation de
le chat du voisin
joyeux rendez-vous

greeting from
neighbor's cat
joyful rendezvous


le nid, accompli
aujourd'hui il tient des pétales
demain, les œufs

nest, completed
today it holds petals
tomorrow, eggs


air an lìon
a’ coimhead duilleach a’ tionndadh buidhe

on its web
watching leaves turn yellow


A poem by my buddy Janet:


A poem by Duolingo pro Bridget Magee:

I lege meine Schlüssel
in die Schüssel,
nicht mein Eis oder
mein Ei.

Ich esse meine Kirschen
in der Küche,
nicht in der Kirche
mit meinem Koch.

Deutsch learnen macht
sehr viel spass
und is super einfach!
Nicht für mich!

©2021, Bridget Magee. All Rights Reserved.

Translation by Bridget:
I put my keys
in the bowl,
not my ice cream or
my egg.

I eat my cherries
in the kitchen,
not in the church
with my cook.

Learning German
is very much fun
and super easy!
Not for me!


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Linda Mitchell said...

Wow! Greetings back from the cat on my lap to your neighbor's cat. Bridget always gets a chuckle out of me. I love her sense of humor in pomes. Wonderful sharing today. Lucky you to be buddies with Janet!

skanny17 said...

Thanks once again to Tabatha for her invitation to post a poem in two languages. I love this challenge. I want to thank my friend's Belgian former foreign exchange student, Thomas, for reviewing my poem and offering his translation. The wonder of email and friendship! I have a small memory of all the French I once knew and the online translators vary plus I just did not feel they were getting at a poetic flow. So Thomas saved the day. Next time I will go for a shorter poem, but at first this did not seem impossible. I was never fluent and as a non-native speaker nuance matters and I am clueless. Also Tabatha found the photo of the pen nib and placed the poem on it. Without NaPoMo and friends like Tabatha and Thomas and Janet K. this would never have happened.

skanny17 said...

Now for Tabatha's haiku! Bravo. Being a cat person I love poem 1 ! But her nest poem....tomorrow, eggs. Beautiful. And onto Bridget's poem. I would love to ask her some questions about how she wrote it. English first? Or did she look for words that seemed to "rhyme" in German. I think it is perfect and I love the humor!!! Tres bien! PS Youtube showed me how to put in accent marks but for some reason it does not seem to want to work on this comment for the word "tres"! Accent grave needed above the e.
Janet Clare F.

Linda B said...

It's fun to read the French aloud, Tabatha, to hear the sounds. I enjoyed your cat's visit. We have a neighborhood cat, a friendly soul who visits all over! I laugh with Bridget, imagining the strange things language learners must say. And Janet's words are full of a yearning to write. Thanks!

Janice Scully said...

Love this project and it's wonderful that Janet and Bridget are joining you. I love the possibilities presented on Poetry Friday, and writing in another language is one of them. I am so tempted to spend more time on my rusty Spanish.

Karen Eastlund said...

Lovely, and a challenge to remember my French... so-o-o long ago. Thanks for these nudges.

jama said...

Boo-yah!! This project is so much fun. Loved reading the French aloud. And Bridget's humor is always a treat. :)

Ruth said...

How fun these are!

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

Beautiful haiku, T! "Spider" is my favorite of the three. Janet's words were enticing and ponderable, for sure, and so much fun to revisit Bridget's poem too!

Bridget Magee said...

Thanks for sharing my poem, Tabatha, and yours and Janet Clare's! I'm in very good company. I also love how our minds work with language learning - 'boo-yah' = yellow, of course!
I'm glad that I can share the folly (and confusion) of my language acquisition journey with like minded and appreciative peeps. :)