Sunday, November 8, 2020


The arrangement [of Amazing Grace] was written specially by composer and music therapist Steve Dunachie, to allow participation by all members of Soundabout Inclusive Choir, and to reflect the spirit of collaboration and partnership that is so important to the world today.
~The King's Singers

My word!! So happy. Thank you to everyone who made the rejuvenation of our country possible, and to everyone around the world who is celebrating with us.


Susan Bruck said...

Thanks for sharing these--they both made me cry because they are so moving and beautiful!

Bridget Magee said...

*deep sigh* Beautiful musical representations of this moment in history. Thanks for sharing these, Tabatha! :)

HWY said...

Very moving indeed. And great to know that after over fifty years Everyday People by Sly Stewart (leader of Sly & The Family Stone) still resonates.

(And a little sad that it has to.)