Monday, July 20, 2020

What helps

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.
~Etty Hillesum

Anybody want to share things that help them relax and revitalize? Some of the things that help me are dogs, plants, tea, and art supplies.

Vivien (Dash's girlfriend) painted the sweet picture of Lucy and Preston above.

I wake up in the night and have been known to check the news. Arg! Bad idea, I know. January 20, 2021 cannot come soon enough for me. I am not one for shouting, so you'll just have to imagine that last sentence in all caps and 50 point font. At any rate, this woman helps me go back to sleep. Thank you, Lauren.

My friend Chris offers wonderful easy movement and meditation classes over Zoom at Bent Twig Studio.

Let me know in the comments if you have any relaxation recommendations!


Linda B said...

I love your painting, Tabatha. What helps me? A few of your things, like art supplies & simple sketching, certainly makes my focus change. I don't have a pet anymore, but know that while it might be nice, I don't want that responsibility too. When I need a getaway, I go out. i walk in the neighborhood or simply work in my own garden, cleaning up, just taking peeks at the insects I notice. Yes, I do count the days till that January date! Whew!

Donna Smith said...

Yes to dogs, plants, tea, and art supplies - When I became injured, I purchased art supplies, tea and plants...then got a puppy!
My only other suggestion is music...I began joining online ukulele jams, too.

HWY said...

When I get the chance (not often these busy days), I like to work with Zentangles. Also, Hillesum's quote is absolutely right...take deep breathes!