Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Mindfulness for Chronic Illness

Having a chronic illness, Molly thought, was like being invaded. Her grandmother back in Michigan used to tell about the day one of their cows got loose and wandered into the parlor, and the awful time they had getting her out. That was exactly what Molly's arthritis was like: as if some big old cow had got into her house and wouldn't go away. It just sat there, taking up space in her life and making everything more difficult, mooing loudly from time to time and making cow pies, and all she could do really was edge around it and put up with it.
~Alison Lurie

I heard about this video through Dystautonomia International, an organization I follow because my daughter Ariana has POTS. Mindfulness can be tough for people with chronic illness because your body can be distracting or generally bothersome while you're trying to be quiet. Here's the link:

Virtual Wellness Class: Mindfulness for Chronic Illness from Dysautonomia International on Vimeo.

photo by Guy Tetreault

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