Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.
~Henry David Thoreau

Today's Wellness Wednesday topic was inspired by Herbalista, who runs foot care clinics in Atlanta for people experiencing homelessness. They say:
When we offer to care for someone’s feet, we are entering into an intimate and sacred relationship. We are asking they trust us with not only their body, but their ability to navigate the world. How much we rely on our feet! They lead us to food, to water, to shelter, and to work. They are our contact with the earth and our means of escaping danger... Foot care is an opportunity to radiate health throughout the entire body!
So what can we do to tend to our feet?

Wear comfortable shoes that fit properly. Our feet "stretch out" over the course of the day, so pick shoes after you've been up and walking for a while instead of first thing in the morning. My husband likes to use a standing desk for part of the day and only some shoes are comfortable enough for long periods of standing. He likes cushioned inserts.

Sometimes people have legs that are different lengths, so a heel lift in a shoe can help prevent pain. (Sometimes ways of holding our bodies can make one leg seem shorter when it really isn't, so there's "anatomical" vs "functional" leg length differences. I think it's easiest to tell the difference if you're measured when you're lying down.)

I have worn the wrong shoes for many a hike. (I guess I have been surprised to find myself on a hike, many times.) I don't know what advice to give about that.

One last thing about shoes...How Stuff Works says, "you can't really avoid foot sweat. However, you can try to alternate your shoes, so that the pair you wore yesterday has a chance to dry out completely before you wear them again." Seems reasonable!

How Stuff Works also suggests taking a walk every day and washing between your toes every day.

YouTube has foot care videos relating to diabetic feet, runners, dancers, hikers, folks with cracked heels, and on. I developed Plantar Fasciitis from some beloved flip flops made of yoga mats (I guess they were TOO comfortable) and stretching exercises were extremely helpful.

Inexpensive DIY Foot Care
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HWY said...

Good thoughts on foot care.

I remember listening to the Beach Boy's album Surf's Up in the early '70s and was surprised to hear "Take A Load Off Your Feet." It's a cute song and one you really wouldn't expect to hear from them.

One thing I would add to the topic is: be careful of ingrown toenails. When they hurt, you walk funny and your feet pay the price.