Friday, January 3, 2020

Two bits

Good morning, sweeties!


I planned ahead, but only through January 2nd! Whoops!

Two bits today (neither a poem, unfortunately).

* Malaka Gharib's challenge (via Austin Kleon) to make an 8-page zine about the last decade (don't spend more than 20 minutes on it, she suggests).

I just read about this challenge today so I haven't done it yet, but what a cool idea. I made my first zine in 2019 and I'm sure I'll make more this year.

* Listened to this on January 1st and it made me very happy. The soloists are wonderful.

I thought I didn't have a resolution this year, but I realized I do -- keeping a gratitude journal. I am trying to write in it every day. Almost didn't make it yesterday...would be a shame to miss during the first week!


Margaret Simon said...

I love making zines with my kiddos, especially Zeno Zines. I started my decade zine, but can't remember much. Argh! How do they go by so fast?!

Pop said...

Wow! Beethoven's 9th never sounded better!