Thursday, April 19, 2018


The thorns are still there — there are more thorns than flowers — but we do not call it a thorn plant. We call it a rose plant because of that single rose. Everyone's attention goes more towards that single rose than a hundred thorns that are on the plant, isn't it? So all the thorns in you, maybe you cannot remove them right now, but if one rose flower blossoms, everyone is willing to overlook those things.

Yes, we're challenging ourselves to find the beauty in thorns this Art Thursday. The animals don't seem concerned, do they? (Except for the lion.)

Euphorbia viguieri var. capuroniana
by Frank Vincentz

from Europa's fairy book (1916)
by Joseph Jacobs and John Dickson Batten

A Cattle Egret in Breeding Plumage searching for the stems for constructing nest
by Vaibhavmridul

by Kathy

Elephant grasping a thorn tree
by Tim & Annette

Dans les dunes de Sables d'or les pins, dans les côtes d'Armor
by Benjamin Scalvenzi

Rosa sericea prickles in botanical garden in Kraków
by Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz


Michelle Kogan said...

Gorgeous images Tabatha, especially like the ladybug, thanks!

Ben said...

Love it. Those cactus thorns are scary.

Brenda at FriendlyFairyTales said...

Now I'm seeing the ladybug jousting with the grasshopper. Or maybe high-jumping over thorns... Great quotes, too, but my mind just goes straight to movement. I hope that my little quirk is the rose that lets you overlook my thorns. :-) Can't wait for tomorrow. What time might your PF post go live?

Tabatha said...
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Tabatha said...

Glad you aren't put off by the thorns, y'all! I just remembered a post I did years ago called "Spikes, Ow!" which still makes me smile:

Brenda, I think it'll be live at 9:30 p.m. tonight. :-)

Pop said...

Amazing how beautiful thorns can be (especially the Rosa sericea prickles and the Euphorbia viguieri var. capuroniana). Would definitely just look at them than get up close and personal though!

Robyn Hood Black said...

Love. Life is thorny! XO

Retta said...

You had me Wowing at every photo, especially that amazing red last one!!

Donna Smith said...

My vanity plate post for Monday the 23rd is on the Maine vanity plate: THORNS! I wrote a Tanka for Thorns. My maiden name is I'm kinda partial to thorns!