Thursday, April 26, 2018


Sometimes, she thought Scotland was more than a country, more than a rough and magnificent land with a border created by men, written on a map, and defended for hundreds of years. Scotland was almost a living creature that could turn and bite your hand if you didn't speak about it in fond and loving tones.
~Karen Ranney

How did I pick today's Art Thursday theme? I saw a photo of Plockton and thought it was lovely. So here we are, looking at a wee town in Scotland.

photo by Bryan Ledgard

Daddy Highland Cow
Sandy Sieczkarek

Cottages and Cabbage Trees in Plockton
photo by Nessy-Pic

Plockton, Scotland
Andrew Murgatroyd

photo by Brian Gillman

Thatch Roof Plockton
photo by Brian Gillman

Duncraig Castle, a Plockton B&B...would love to stay there!

Cape Breton Oatcakes (yes, Cape Breton is in Canada not Scotland, but they are Scottish oatcakes and also I love them wholeheartedly so here's a recipe) (They may be an acquired taste?)


Pop said...

Lovely place, Plockton...looks like a nice place to visit.

Especially liked the photo with the Red Hot Pokers in the foreground.

Robyn Hood Black said...

Gorgeous. I might have been on the internet for um, a few hours, last night looking up places in Scotland and Ireland - we're taking our little family "ancestral" tour there SOOON! Not venturing quite that far into the Highlands, but I can't wait. Thanks for sharing! (& also for my contributor copy of IMPERFECT!! - featuring a thought or two and a poem or two for PF. :0) )

Unknown said...

I may need to visit the museum of mistakes. Sound interesting.

Cheriee Weichel said...

My husband is in the process of manufacturing an invention for the film industry. It's quite the ride I tell you. Today I needed to the Edgar Guest poem.