Thursday, March 8, 2018

Itō Jakuchū

Issun saki wa yami.
Japanese proverb meaning "It is dark one inch ahead of you."
English equivalent 1: Who can see in the future?
English equivalent 2: Expect the unexpected.

Itō Jakuchū's roosters caught my eye and led me down the happy path of checking out more of his work.

by Itō Jakuchū (1716-1800)

by Itō Jakuchū (1716-1800)

Plum Blossoms and Cranes
by Itō Jakuchū

White Phoenix on Old Pine
by Itō Jakuchū

Maple Tree and Small Birds
by Itō Jakuchū

By Itō Jakuchū (1716-1800)

Whale Screen
by Itō Jakuchū

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HWY said...

How beautiful and delicate Ito Jakuchu's paintings are...very easy on the eye and the psyche. It makes one wonder, though, what was his frame of mind when he did the Elephant!