Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I read as much poetry as time allows and circumstance dictates: No heartache can pass without a little Dorothy Parker, no thunderstorm without W. H. Auden, no sleepless night without W. B. Yeats.
~J. Courtney Sullivan

Celebrating World Poetry Day and Bach's birthday today!

I attempted Donna's blog scavenger hunt and deduced this:

Silence blooms
the world turns green
Another year
spinning around to throw
ferns unfurled
under trees *
pining for the fragrance of the forest
figments and fancies
play with me

(Is it right, Donna?)

* second attempt

And here's some Bach, performed by the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields:

If you'd rather have the choral version:


Donna Smith said...

Check "by day" clue. Should be two different words. I'm passengering and on my phone but I'll try to check!

Donna Smith said...

You didn't count the indented lines as lines.

Donna Smith said...

But I like that line, too!!

Donna Smith said...


Donna Smith said...

Oh! I meant to leave a comment about the Simpson cartoon. TTTTTOOOOOO funny! I laughed out loud in the car. Had to show my husband while he was driving. Don't tell anyone.

HWY said...

Sometimes I like to think of song lyrics (poetry put to music) and how they move us. Here's one of my favorite rhymes (makes me smile every time). It's from a song by Lyle Lovett called This Old Porch.

And this old porch is the Palace walk-in
On the main street of Texas
That's never seen the day
Of G and R and Xs
With that '62 poster
That's almost faded down
And a screen without a picture
Since Giant came to town

(absolutely love what he rhymed with "Texas."