Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ready to sail again?

From last year:

Lighthouse at Camden Maine by Fitz Henry Lane

The Old Ship
by Tabatha Yeatts

The old ship
Watches the water,
Ready to sail again.

In the waning of the year,
The weathered vessel docked in port,
Where its sturdy hull was emptied,

Cleaned, polished, and refilled,
Where it stood
Beholding the town's lights --

That landed constellation --
With its planks humming the winter songs.
Today, it feels the pull

Of the waves,
And strikes off,
Perhaps on a new trajectory,

Perhaps on a route
It has traced before.
But anything can happen at sea,

And the cargo it brings to shore
Next December
Will be a revelation.



Ruth said...

Here's to a revelation of a cargo! Happy New Year!

Keri said...

I hope my cargo in 2017 is lighter. :-)

Violet N. said...

I love where this poem turns:

"Today, it feels the pull

Of the waves,
And strikes off,"

May we all bring that revelation cargo back to port "Next December" - Happy New Year, Tabatha! (Nice to connect on Facebook :)