Thursday, November 10, 2016

Carl Larsson

For these pictures are of course a very genuine expression of my personality, of my deepest feelings, of all my limitless love for my wife and children.
~Carl Larsson

I find paintings by Swedish artist Carl Larsson (1853–1919) charming -- there's an element of love and whimsy, something very cozy about them. When I looked up his biography, I discovered that he had a difficult, poverty-stricken childhood. You can tell that he had a happy adulthood, though, with his wife Karin and their many children.

Self Portrait
by Carl Larsson

Karin by the shore
by Carl Larsson

A Day of Celebration
by Carl Larsson
This watercolour shows the Larsson children at five in the morning, all dressed up to celebrate the maid Emma on her name day. The maids’ room in the farmhouse had been decorated by Karin Larsson, and a few of the many textiles she designed for the family home can be seen here.

Mirror Portrait (with Brita)
by Carl Larsson

The Gate
by Carl Larsson

After the prom
by Carl Larsson

Getting ready for a game
by Carl Larsson

A Bite!
by Carl Larsson

Carl Larsson's birthplace, Stockholm, Sweden
photo by Hedwig Storch

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Pop said...

You're right, it is a cozy, peaceful life that Carl Larsson paints. It is relaxing and joyful...and he paints it beautifully.

A nice thing to see today.