Thursday, August 13, 2015

Skateboard Art

Life is a lot like skateboarding.
~Lil Wayne

So what did Lil Wayne mean by that? I didn't see any more to this quote so I don't know. Maybe it's that you have to get good at falling down and getting back up? Watch where you're going? Feel free to make a guess.

The Silver Thread (detail)
by M1k3

raining and not
by Karen Ka Ying Wong

photo by Abraham Orozco

Grind On My Face
by 23rdkey

David Hackett deck "Paint n Skate"
photo by Judi Oyama
from the 2nd Annual Board Rescue Skate Art Show Fundraiser

The Art of Skateboarding, a charity auction benefiting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and The Dallas Arts Community
Jennifer Conley

Skateistan Charity Show Boards
photo by Joseph Nicolia

SaxonLynn, a skateboard artist on Etsy


HWY said...

Beautiful and/or very interesting works of art. (If people find a flat -- or mostly flat -- surface, they'll put paint on it!)

Particularly like the "Paint n Skate" -- even a place for your big toe if you're barefoot. ;-)

I think you're right about Lil Wayne's quotation. If you fall, get back up. Also, it could mean something about using your own strength to go forward?

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

Skateboard art... who knew? Very cool.

Retta said...

This was fun. And some of the coolest skateboard art I've seen is by Drew Brophy, an artist who started as a surfer and did his art on surf boards. And then skate boards and anything else he could reach. Here's some bright and fun examples:

My opinion: as good as he is, he succeeded so well because of his wife Maria Brophy, a marketing genius. :-)

Ha ha, what's that old saying... behind every successful man is... ;-)

Bridget Magee said...

Love the idea of using a skateboard as a canvas for creativity. Thanks for the introduction to this amazing art form, Tabatha. =)