Thursday, August 20, 2015

Impossible Bottles

The impossible could not have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances.
~Agatha Christie

Bottles with items way too large to fit down the neck today, including three shots of the same ship (I can't resist! They all seem a bit different to me):

Nelson's ship in a bottle, Trafalgar Square, London
photo by Rose Davies

Olympic Sailing Event ?
photo by Captain Roger Fenton

Nelson's Ship in a Bottle
photo by Pablo Andres

Buddelschiff Titanic
by Werner Willmann

Sailing Ship in a Bottle
by Artem Popov

Ship in a bottle. Late 19th Century, England
Made by a sailor. Displayed at the National Maritime Museum, Israel
photo by Avi Deror

Life Of Pi In A Bottle
by Heather Gabrielle Rogers
photo by Taylor Herring

A Crystallpyramide from Erzgebirge/Germany
photo by Marea85


* Impossibottle
* Harry Eng, Master Bottle Filler
* Inside the Bottle


Author Amok said...

I'm going to go in search of a time lapse video that shows someone making a ship in a bottle. It makes me wonder who first had the idea.

Pop said...

I've always been amazed by this...the patience alone would be incredible!

These are wonderful examples, but I must admit that the ones that tell a story are new to me. I just love the Buddelschiff Titanic with its ice floes, sinking ship, even the little puffs of steam coming from the stacks.

The Life Of Pi In A Bottle is also very inventive.

And, yet, A Crystallpyramide from Erzgebirge/Germany is way cool on a bunch of levels. :-)