Thursday, May 7, 2015

Valériane Leblond

The language itself, whether you speak it or not, whether you love it or hate it, is like some bewitchment or seduction from the past, drifting across the country down the centuries, subtly affecting the nations sensibilities even when its meaning is forgotten.
~Jan Morris, Wales: The First Place

Little hearts shoot out of my eyes when I look at French artist Valériane Leblond's work. Her specialty is painting with oils on wood. She lives in Wales, so you'll see that the titles aren't very French. :-) Thank you, Valériane, for allowing me to share these!

Mrs. Llwyd
by Valériane Leblond

Traethau Dyfed
by Valériane Leblond

Mynd i glwydo
by Valériane Leblond

Drain gwyn y gwanwyn

by Valériane Leblond

Blodau haul
by Valériane Leblond

Efallai nid heddiw...
by Valériane Leblond

by Valériane Leblond

Valériane's Etsy shop


jama said...

Wow! What gorgeous work! Hearts shooting out of my eyes too. :)

Pop said...

Beautiful work. I especially liked her use of the irregular shapes of the wood (like in Traethau Dyfed).

Mwyara and Drain gwyn y gwanwyn really caught my eye, too.

Retta said...

Utterly charming!!

Keri said...

My first thought: "Does she quilt too?! Look at the quilts!" These are stunning. Thanks for sharing!