Friday, May 29, 2015

I Had Quite a Surprise

Did you know that eccentric film director Tim Burton has also written poetry? I'm sure it will come as no surprise when I say that it's eccentric.

From his collection titled The ‎Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy:

The Girl with Many Eyes
by Tim Burton

One day in the park
I had quite a surprise.
I met a girl
who had many eyes.

She was really quite pretty
(and also quite shocking!)
and I noticed she had a mouth,
so we ended up talking.

We talked about flowers,
and her poetry classes,
and the problems she'd have
if she ever wore glasses.

read the rest here


Vincent, narrated by Vincent Price:


There are more poems from The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy here. (I will be disappointed if no one brings up Edward Gorey in the comments. :-))

Margaret at Reflections on the Teche has the Poetry Friday round-up.


Margaret Simon said...

I am in awe of such an imagination! Thanks for sharing.

Robyn Hood Black said...

Eeek! I wouldn't show this before naptime.... But thanks for sharing.
And, yes, all the spidery lines and general creepiness are certainly deliciously dark like the work of Edward Gorey! Bwah ha ha....

Becky Shillington said...

Wow...these are truly unique poems, and so "Burtonesque." They are wacky and witty and slightly disturbing, but brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing these, Tabatha!

jama said...

What a treat! I do feel sorry for Vincent's aunt, though . . . :)

Keri said...

Part of me would like to hear from Tim Burton's teachers -- what was he like as a youngster. The other part of me is afraid to find out! Vincent Price -- the voice of horror from my childhood. Thanks for always digging up fun stuff for us (and not flower beds). xoxo

Diane Mayr said...

Wow, I so enjoyed this post! Especially the video. The musical piece at the beginning and the end took me back to elementary school, "All the girls in France do the hula, hula dance." Do you know when this film was made?

And, as for Edward Gorey, I can recommend his house, now a museum, on the Cape. It is full of delightful little doodads.

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

I don't suppose you'll be surprised to know I am aware of and own this book, Tabatha. I actually gave it to my husband as a bday present one year.

He may have been slightly taken aback.

A fun video find too! Though I know I must be getting older, since I found myself identifying with his mom.

Linda B said...

Well, yes, I did think of Gorey. I have so many of his books, but my daughter loves him even more, so will find this book for her. Very fun to read the poems, but the video adds more. Thank you.

Tara said...

Price's narration is fabulous - love that ending!

Violet N. said...
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Heidi Mordhorst said...

Yes, brilliant, but I think Tim could use a lesson in meter. On the other hand,maybe we should be grateful that Tim is still with us at all, with that kind of horrifying imagination. Yes, you do find the best things, Tabatha!

Mary Lee said...

How fun is it that the poem in the video is narrated by Vincent Price himself?!?!

Heidi thinks he needs lessons in meter, but I think he needs to do some better editing! Embarrassing typo just after the jump in that first poem!

Tabatha said...

In Tim Burton's defense, I think someone else (the person who typed in the poems on that site) generated the typo! :-)