Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Music Everywhere

Isn't it amazing how art can time travel? Someone can compose a song in say, 1824 in Austria, and the work can travel through time and space to move me today. Author Kristin Cashore says, "I have this problem wherein once the ninth starts playing, I need to listen through to the end. It doesn't matter what other thing I was supposed to be doing; now I'm listening to Beethoven's ninth." Beethoven himself couldn't hear the ninth when he was composing it. So there he was, really off in his own world, creating something that would speak to people far away, many years later. Isn't that magical?

Contribute to the Kinshasa Symphony
Landfillharmonic, the movie


Pop said...

Thank you so much for these videos, Tab.

I've never heard more beautiful music.

And goodbye, Bob.

Bridget Magee said...

Yes, magical! Thanks for sharing, Tabatha! =)