Thursday, June 19, 2014

Little Glass Spheres

“We were fascinated by the little glass spheres, by those dark waves of color, some narrow and drawn out into several swirls, and others that widened out in the center of the marble into a single bundle and thinned out smoothly at the ends.
~José María Arguedas

Beauty in small packages today:

Spotlight Marbles
photo by Chris Potako

photo by Lif

photo by Nico Cavallotto

Marble Masterpiece
photo by Scott Smith

photo by Kevin

Blue marble on rocky terrain
photo by Zoltán Vörös

photo by Chad Cooper

Fantastic handmade marbles:

Dichro and Twisty Cane Vortex by Aaron West
School of Blue Fish by Cathy Richardson
Blue, Green, and Yellow Cane Marble by Eddie Seese
Flower Air Trap by Ernie Kober

1 comment:

Pop said...

There's just something about marbles that capture the imagination. Maybe its the perfect sphere so elusive in nature.

I particularly liked "Blue marble on rocky terrain." This really shows a wonderful contrast between the uneven surface and the pure blue marble.

Was also amazed by Cathy Richardson's School of Blue Fish!