Friday, June 27, 2014

A Blog-gem from Donna

Donna sent me a poem for the Summer Poem Swap. She explained, "Words were taken from your blog and put into Tagxedo for the image. The finest words in that Tagxedo were then carefully hand-picked to concoct this poem (and its title 'Collection Poem Revealing Itself')." Donna decided to call her poems crafted out of blog words "Blog-gems."

Love this— thank you, Donna!

Collection Poem Revealing Itself
by Donna JT Smith

January hands
   Hug the sculpture
     of dreams -

February kisses
   Cover the last
     of winter -

March birds
   Follow the thoughts
     of winds -

April poets
   Spotlight the art
     of words -

May seahorses
   Trust the music
     of water -

June dragons
   Break the myths
     of balloons -

July fish
   Make the ballets
     of sea -

August gardens
   Challenge the world
     of paintings -

September students
   Listen to gifts
     of books -

October cats
   Visit the exhibits
     of luna -

November military
   Honor the places
     of warriors -

December gifts
   End the year
     of sweets!


Buffy has the Poetry Friday round-up today.


jama said...

What a cool idea! Great job, Donna. :)

Robyn Hood Black said...

This is just TOO clever. Bravo, Donna, and thanks for sharing, Tabatha. I am so intrigued by those May seahorses and October cats.... :0)

Buffy Silverman said...

Wow--what a creative and wonderful idea, Donna. Love these gems.

Anonymous said...

Well done.

Author Amok said...

Ooh -- May seahorses and June dragons! That's a zodiac I could get behind. Tabatha, I love how the Tagxedo looks kind of like a brain (I know it's supposed to be a quote box, but I saw brain and brain stem!)

Holly Mueller said...

What a neat idea!! The images created are so cool!

Mary Lee said...

A gem indeed! (both the poem and your blog!!)

Tara said...

Such a cool idea - just love what creative people can do!

Diane Mayr said...

OMG! What a fabulous idea, and a great resultant poem. I'm also drawn to

October cats
Visit the exhibits
of luna -

Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

Holey moley-- love Donna's original idea and the results-- fabulous! This is one to hang on the wall by your desk. :)

GatheringBooks said...

Now this is absolutely gorgeous - loved June's dragons, the March birds, and September students (because i am a geek that way). :)