Monday, September 16, 2013

Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox

My goal with Postmodern Jukebox is to get my audience to think of songs not as rigid, ephemeral objects, but like malleable globs of silly putty.
~Scott Bradlee

Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox this Music Monday. If only we could all be as happy as the man with the tambourine in the last song:


Michelle Heidenrich Barnes said...

Talk about transformation, "malleable globs of silly putty" is right! I especially like what they did with Thrift Shop.

HWY said...

Wow, these really are happy performances!

The Nickleback tribute really is something. And, I agree, the guy playing the tambourine is one happy fella. So happy, in fact, that if he did that on the street, he'd be locked up. ;-)

(My favorite part of this particular song is when the tambourine guy picks up the xylophone in the middle of the song to play two [and only two] notes!)