Thursday, October 18, 2012


Mrs. Fox: You know, you really are... fantastic.
Mr. Fox: I try.
~ The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Studies of a Fox
by Pieter Boel (1622–1674)

Reynard the Fox,
a main character of medieval Flemish animal epic

Jeune garçon au fennec
by Nasreddine Dinet (1861–1929)

From a collection of fables, c. 1921
illustration by Paul Bransom
Toyokawa Inari
Le renard, 1872

Fox street art
by Laura Luck
photo by bixentro

More foxes:
* Man asleep in armchair with tame red fox
* More fox street art from bixentro
* The Little Prince and His Fox
* Kitsune Kyuubi 9 Tailed Fox
* The Crafty Fox says goodbye to visitors
* World Wildlife Fund and the Arctic Fox


Linda B said...

From your broad outlook, it seems that most cultures have le renard, Tabatha. All intriguing, but I love that first one-such a study! I see one come by my fence once in a while-on the way steadily, to home or food. Thank you!

Ben said...

The Japanese one is funny!

HWY said...

These are fascinating...and you've put together a wonderful selection of art featuring the fox.

I agree with Ben...the Japanese fox statue with the "bib" is very amusing. Surely there's a good story behind it!