Monday, December 19, 2011

Music Monday Miscellany

A selection of interesting music bits today:

* The Scrapheap Orchestra was a BBC experiment to see whether instruments made out of junk could be successfully played in concert. (Unfortunately, the video on the BBC site is only available to visitors from the U.K.)
A Guardian article about the Scrapheap Orchestra
A preview video that made me really wish I could see it
Another preview video
A great shot of the French horns
* Eric Whitacre speaks about why British choirs are great

* An article about the "tweeting section" of concerts by the Cincinnati Symphony

* A Virtual Musical Instrument that people who are quadriplegic can play

* Musical Instrument Museums Online, a database containing the records of over 50,000 museum instruments.

* Links about some historical women composers/musicians

* A very interesting NPR piece on music therapy (I touched on music therapy last Monday.)

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