Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hansel and Gretel

"Nibble, nibble, gnaw,
Who is nibbling at my little house?"

The post about Beauty and the Beast sparked a lot of interest, so I thought maybe another classic tale was in order. The mix of candy and danger in Hansel and Gretel has great appeal for artists, and so does leaving a trail of breadcrumbs:

Roundabout the Witch
by Ana Juan

Hansel and Gretel from My Book of Favourite Fairy Tales, 1921
illustrated by Jennie Harbour

Hansel and Gretel
by Rachel Isadora

Witch House
by Eleanor Davis


Little Fawn Hansel
by Tracey Long

Hansel and Gretel
by Derek Stratton

from The Big Book of Fairy Tales, 1911
illustrated by Charles Robinson

Lorenzo Mattotti painted fantastic Hansel and Gretel illustrations:


* The text of Hansel and Gretel
* Becca Thorne's Hansel and Gretel
* Germany's Hansel and Gretel Foundation to prevent child abuse and their striking posters
* The Magic Circle by Donna Jo Napoli (a retelling from the witch's point-of-view)

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HWY said...

Enjoyed watching Mattotti paint that Hansel and Gretel piece. Amazing. Didn't expect him to be explaining the process in French, though!

Especially liked the Stratton piece...and the Ana Juan one, too.