Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bach/From the Top

Thought I would like to post J.S. Bach's "The Sheep May Safely Graze" sometime, and when I was looking around for a good version of it, I had a hard time finding one that suited me. Finally, I realized that the problem was that there was a particular flautist's rendition in my head, and nothing was living up to it.

My head is cluttered with stuff, so it took a little tracing back before I remembered that version -- it was the one that my older daughter's orchestra played! The principal flautist was phenomenal. Really -- he (and the rest of the teen orchestra) left me with a beautiful aural memory that I was having a hard time matching on YouTube.

Which made me want to point you guys to From the Top, a show about extraordinary young musicians. I believe my daughter mentioned that the flautist's sister had been on From the Top. (They have a musical family.)

Here's the cantata:

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