Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Playing Around With Poems

I love my poetry revision club. My clubmates are fun, smart, and just generally great to hang around with. We played around with poem art last time, sort of like what the Poetry Foundation did for National Poetry Month. Thank you, Katherine, Krista, and Chris for letting me share yours.

"Green bright curve of snake slides through spring fallen pink petals in the lime grass going someplace with a smooth slither sleek move along"

from Because You Asked About the Line Between Prose and Poetry
~ Howard Nemerov
"There comes a moment that you couldn't tell/ and then they clearly flew/ instead of fell"

"Wherever we turn in the storm of roses/ thorns illuminate the night/ and the thunder of a thousand leaves/ once so quiet on the bushes/ is right at our heels."
~Ingeborg Bachmann

"Insects, why cry?/ We all go/ that way."
~ Issa


Anonymous said...

I too love our group. I loved doing this poem art and I love seeing it on your blog. There is so many creative ways we (and everyone) can experiment with poetry. I am looking forward to our exploration of how motion inspires us in poetry and how motion shows up in our poems.

H. William said...

Very interesting stuff.

Love the way two creative processes can augment each other.