Friday, June 24, 2011


Spotlighting English author/poet Sophie Hannah today. She is famous for her psychological thrillers, but she also writes poems for children and adults:

The World is a Box
by Sophie Hannah

My heart is a box of affection.
My head is a box of ideas.
My room is a box of protection.
My past is a box full of years.

The future’s a box full of after.
An egg is a box full of yolk.
My life is a box full of laughter
And the world is a box full of folk.


No Wonder
by Sophie Hannah

This love looks set to grow extremely tall.
I chart its weekly progress on the wall

the way my mum made pencil marks above
my sister’s head and mine. I’ve called it love

since it began, but now I have some proof -
infatuation stops before the roof

while love climbs bravely up to bash its head.
The bleeding starts. No wonder hearts are red.


Pessimism for Beginners
by Sophie Hannah

When you’re waiting for someone to e-mail,
When you’re waiting for someone to call –
Young or old, gay or straight, male or female –
Don’t assume that they’re busy, that’s all.

Don’t conclude that their letter went missing
Or they must be away for a while;
Think instead that they’re cursing and hissing –
They’ve decided you’re venal and vile,

read the rest here.

Carol is hosting the Poetry Friday round-up.


jama said...

I always hear about such great new-to-me poets here. Thanks for featuring Sophie's poems. Enjoyed them all.

Ms. Pessimism :)

Mary Lee said...

Fun! The first one reminded me of Liz Garton Scanlon's "A Sock is a Pocket."