Thursday, June 9, 2011


I don't get nervous in any situation. There's no such thing as nerves when you're playing games. ~Shaquille O'Neal Lewis chessmen
probably made in Norway, about AD 1150-1200

The Cheat with the Ace of Clubs
by Georges de La Tour, late 1620s
Kimbell Art Museum (there is a later version of the same composition in the Louvre.)

The Dice Players
by Georges de La Tour, circa 1650-1651

Red Queen lecturing Alice
from Lewis Carroll's "Through The Looking Glass"
illustration by John Tenniel, 1871

Domino Doll 11
by IndianDollArtWorks

by Rhonda Radford-Adams


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1 comment:

HWY said...

Not exactly playful (except maybe for the Hopscotch) but definitely cool.

And I know that the scholars say that the Lewis chessman weren't meant to be comical, but they are!