Friday, February 18, 2011


Windmills of Poems and Lace
by LilyMoon

Purple Iris with Shakespeare's Sonnet 54
ACEO from Theodora Demetriades

Flower in the Crannied Wall
by Alfred Lord Tennyson
photo by Pipi Photography

The Day Is Done
by A Wing and a Prayer Gifts

The day is done, may kind night spread
Her gentle wings o'er heart and head.
Rest for my body, peace of mind,
In sleep's calm haven I will find.
Bright dreams will come to welcome me
Into the land of memory.
Then shall to-morrow's love bring light
After the dark of this good night.

And from the Keep Calm Shop

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A call for submissions from Edgar and Lenore's Publishing House

Today's Poetry Friday round-up is at Great Kid Books.


Amy L V said...

Oh, this post just made my eyes and heart happy. Thank you, Tabatha. What a lovely way to begin the day. That lace! A.

Toby Speed said...

I'm with Amy. These are wonderful, especially the Windmills of Poems and Lace.

Tara said...

Oh wow...beautiful illustrations! The iris had me mesmerized. Thank you for sharing these...

Doraine said...

These are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

laurasalas said...

Love these! I wish I were visually artistic. I've looked for some artsy/crafty way to combine my poems with visual art, but I have too many requirements for it and haven't ever found anything. Thanks for sharing these!

Carlie said...

Wow!!! That iris has be open-mouthed. I love botanicals and I paint watercolors. I never thought to combine painting and poetry before. I totally want to try! Wish I was a calligrapher!

Heidi Mordhorst said...

I appreciate your putting these up with a minimum of comment so that I can "enter" in my own skin and enjoy. My favorite is "Flower in the Crannied Wall," so solid, gray and weatherworn--tension against the little flower--and the ringed roots. I wonder how long it took someone to create this, and think of how easily we take a snapshot.


Unknown said...

This really hit the spot with me. I've been preoccupied lately with the intersections of poetry and photography/painting. That Kookubura riminds me of May Gibbs' Cuddlepot and Snugglepie. Probably just because they are both Australian.