Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In Praise of NPR

I've spoken before about WAMU's Kojo Nnambdi and Kavitha Cardoza, and I've mentioned Marketplace, but somehow I've never talked about Diane Rehm.

Here's a little story about Diane Rehm...

One time I was listening to her show as I drove to pick up my daughter from summer camp. That day's program had left me riveted, teary. I sat in the car listening until I realized I needed to hurry up, so I wiped my eyes and tried to compose myself. As I walked across the parking lot, I heard the Diane Rehm show coming from another car. I couldn't resist saying hello to whoever had been sharing this listening journey with me. I peeked in the window and saw a woman wearing a head scarf, sitting there with tear-streaked cheeks. It didn't matter how different our backgrounds were -- Diane Rehm touched our hearts. After we talked about how wonderful the show was, I hurried to pick up my daughter.

There are plenty of times when the show doesn't make me cry, times when it is more educational than inspirational. But I value the explanations and insight I learn from the Diane Rehm show as well. Thanks, Diane!

As long as I'm at it, I should really mention WETA's David Ginder. I listen to him every day while I am driving my oldest child (the same daughter mentioned in the story above) to school. We are a two-person David Ginder fan club.

And lastly, I'd better include that my son's favorite NPR show is Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

~ Sign a petition to protect NPR and PBS from being defunded
~ NPR's Song of the Day
~ Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Enjoyed the George Shearing interview yesterday.
~ Car Talk
~ Oops! Almost forgot Science Friday with Ira Flatow

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