Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ringing in Randomness in the New Year

Just a couple of thoughts to share...

A card from a hundred years ago

I am not making a lot of New Year's resolutions, but I am hoping to do these:

* to spend more time outside
* to slow down a bit

I have taken on too much, and I am spread thin enough to feel translucent. I am hoping that later in the month, I will have more time for peaceful moments, more time to work on my own random tangents.

How's this for random: There's a picture of a pirate Shakespeare that I've sketched but haven't had time to complete...Avast, ye canker-blossom! Arr! I have been piling up ideas, but haven't had time to sit with them. Winter seems like a nice time to cozy up with your imagination and a piece of paper (and a cup of tea) and see what happens.

One last thought -- I noticed in my blog stats that one day this week I had as many visitors from other countries as I did from the US. As I mentioned before, I am so glad that people whose first language might not be English can still find something useful here.

Happy New Year, all!


M Pax said...

Happy New Year! The novel I'm revisioning has pirates ... space pirates. You're fortunate you can draw. I have little talent for it.

Tabatha said...

Have you read Larklight by Philip Reeve? It's a children's novel with space pirates. You might get a kick out of it. It has nice illustrations, too.