Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gratitude Out Loud

Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.
~Gladys Bronwyn Stern

I started keeping Poetry Friday in 2007 for personal reasons: I wanted to spend a little time each week with "the best words in the best order." In case they might be of interest to other people, I shared them on my work site. After I'd been doing that for a year, I started Art Thursday, for similar reasons.

Celebrating Art Thursday and Poetry Friday has been nourishing for me. Hearing from visitors who find something useful or inspiring here makes my day. Thank you for your comments and email messages!

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
~ Albert Schweitzer

I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge the artists and poets who make this blog possible. I post many pieces from older days, works that are in the public domain. But I've also shared quite a few from modern artists who granted me permission to post their work.

At first I was afraid to try to thank everyone, but here goes...

My deepest thanks to the following artisans who have generously permitted me to post their work:

Hal Taylor, Kevin Pease, Khawar Bilal, Hanna Mancini, Jenni C., Kate Alizadeh, Riki Blanco, Kim Graham, Silvi Alcivar, Andy Westhoff, Will Sillin, Holly Kitaura, P.J. Lynch, Dr. Alphabet (Dave Morice), Guido Vedovato, Jason deCaires Taylor, Gigi Liverant, Irene Carranza, Shannon Slattery, Bascove, Harry Yeatts, Jr., Catherine Wingfield-Yeatts, Marcy Lansman, Brandi McKenna, Susan Else, Anna Chromy, Robert Krampf, Lisa Denning, Brandon Kihl, Alexander Antonyuk, Rachel , Joynt, Emmanuel Spaeth for MAAW, Michael Goddard, Fontaine Anderson, Eric Curtis, Kathleen Lolley, Alberto Cerriteño, Ann Wood, Madeline von Foerster, Patrick Gannon, Dave Baldwin, Elsa Mora, Gregory K., Laura Salas, Laura Shovan, Michelle Stitzlein, Ignacio Rabago, Gabriel Picart, Elisabeth Lecourt, Matthew Cusick, Elizabeth Daggar, Raymond Kaskey, Marianne Hunter, Dai Vaughan, Mona A. El-Bayoumi, Steen Hougs, Inge Mardal, Quint Buchholz, Chad Gowey, David Nittmann, Jeff Fox, Denise Drummond, Leonidas Kassapides, Fang Tong, Carlos Zapata, The Furry Puppet Studio, Princess Rashid, Hal Eastman, Sven Geier, Nicole Dextras, Kevin Van Aelst, Martin Hsu, Manuela Vladic-Mastruko, Barbara Klunder, Judith Schaechter, MJ Bogenrief, Robert Oddy, Dana Lynn Driscoll, Liz Ness, Ian Bertram, Rachael Direnna, Michele Jones, Sandi Carpenter, Kathie Briggs, Robin Paris, Lawrence Yang, Lenore Edman, Mariko Ushido, Camila León, Lani Mathis, Bunny Bowen, Barry Woods Johnston, Ralfonso, Theo Jansen, David Boyer, Elizabeth Jones, F. Labokoff, Carlos Andrés Varela, Brian Marshall, Tom Banwell, Gordon McGlothlin, Marina Yanen, Glenna Slenning, Colette Fu, Joe Leonard, Laura Peery, Nikolas Schiller, Sonia Romero, Holly Hughes, Philip Fung, Daniel Dancer, Cari Buziak, Robert J. Lang, Paul Grech, Jon Soucy, Heather Jansch, Ingrid Siliakus, Tracy Lee Stum, Ambera Wellmann, Joe Decker, Christian Scheurer, Serge Sunne, Norman Tellis, Roger Xavier, Sergey Tyukanov, Meg Harper, Scott Wade, Larry Blamire, Nicole Fekaris, Nathalie Parenteau, Nina Katchadourian, Dana Gioia, Marge Piercy, Doug Savage, Diane Mayr, Mario Milosevic, Mohja Kahf, Janet Wong, Sue Hubbard, Anna Grossnickle Hines, Andrei Codrescu, Dove Rengger-Thorpe, Lee Robinson, Elaine Magliaro, Terri Windling, Mark Wagner, Darcy Cummings, Lisa Konkol, Michael McClintock, Karen McClintock, Douglas Florian, Cody Mace, Monkey, Julie Jackson, Emily Birnbaum, Taylor Mali, Diane Ambur, Lyudmila Zinkova, Jane Sassaman, and Kenn Nesbitt.

Thank you!

If there's someone I missed, please don't be shy about telling me.

Addendum: Other contemporary works that I've shared have Creative Commons licenses or the creators offer their use for not-for-profit sites generally. Although I only thanked people by name who granted me permission to post their works on my site specifically, I am also grateful to people who make their work available to everyone!


Harry Yeatts Jr. said...

Thank you, Tabatha, for taking the time and effort to post Art Thursday and Poetry Friday. It is obvious that it is a labor of love.

And it has been an honor to have been included.

Tabatha said...

Thanks, Pop. :-)